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The Youth Council is a collaboration among businesses and educational professionals, local government, community leaders and youth that aim to provide all youth with opportunities to become productive members of the community.

The Cape & Islands Youth Council envisions a community where all youth are a success in school, work, and life. We envision a community that provides all youth with opportunities to become productive and satisfied adults. It is toward that vision that the following Strategic Action Plan for the Youth Council of the Cape & Islands Workforce Investment Board is developed.

MISSION: To serve as a catalyst to build a comprehensive youth service delivery system. The Council develops and implements youth workforce development decisions on behalf of the Cape and Islands WIB and advocates for issues involving youth. To successfully transition to working adulthood, youth need access to services that prepare them for success in employment, improve educational achievement, provide overall support and develop their potential as citizens and leaders. The Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket Youth Council works to ensure these four service elements are available to all Cape and Islands youth.

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ROLE: The Youth Council will play several roles in relationship to the vision and mission. We will strategically invest in innovation. We will act as an intermediary between businesses and youth, to ensure that a mutually beneficial relationship between both ensues. And we will be a community facilitator and convener to identify issues and collectively solve problems with regard to our mission.

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