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YES Curriculum

Youth groups
A multi-ethnic group of teenagers are outdoors on a cloudy day. They are wearing casual clothing. They are smiling while taking a selfie together.

Employability skills are those basic skills necessary for getting, keeping and doing well on a job. They include skills that are universally sought by employers, generic in nature rather than job specific and cut across all industry types. The Youth Employability Skills (YES) Curriculum was designed to respond to concerns voiced by Cape Businesses regarding young employees who were lacking in basic workplace expectations. YES has been developed locally with local employers in mind. The 25 hour curriculum covers three critical focus areas:

  • Communications: Speaking and listening, Active/passive listening, Conflict resolution
  • Customer Service: Phone skills, Problem solving, Customer is always right, When to call a manager
  • Business Expectations: Punctuality, Positive attitude, Responsibility to employer

The YES Curriculum is already in use by many schools and organizations across the Cape & Islands. For more information, please call Kara Galvin at (508) 775-5900 or

Youth Outreach

Benefits for Youth, Families, & Communities

School-age children and youth spend 80 percent of their waking hours outside of school, while 1 in 5 young people in the U.S. are alone after the school day ends.1 High-quality afterschool programs promote positive youth development and offer a safe space where youth can explore their potential.

Effective afterschool programs provide learning settings that bring a wide range of benefits to youth, families, and communities. Afterschool programs can support social, emotional, cognitive, and academic development, reduce risky behaviors, promote physical health, and provide a safe and supportive environment for children and youth.

Youth Curriculum