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Weedsly Review by the Cape and Island Board

By: Michael Brewery | January 1st 2021

Ever wanted to try THC oil? It’s not the type of thing your dealer down the street is offering for sale. In fact, outside of California and a handful of states, Weedsly may be your only option for THC oil. Now you have the option to purchase it online with Weedsly.

Weedsly that started selling and shipping THC oil cartridges after several US-based vendors were shut down. That’s why Weedsly has its second office outside the US borders and continues to operate.

The company is aimed totally at the US market and it is currently the most reputable online provider of Kingpen and Stiiizy cartrdiges.

THC oil is an easy way to get THC. All you need is a battery and a cart and you can smoke it anywhere. It’s an option for people who don’t want to fuss with rolling joints or owning a fragile bong.

Keep in mind that even though there are ways to purchase genuine THC oil without a prescription, you should always consult with your doctor before taking the medication.

What Is Weedsly?

  • Weedsly is the largest reseller of THC carts in the US. They are currently offering Kingpen and Stiiizy carts.
  • Weedsly ships to customers all over the USA.
  • Weedsly offers major discounts, a stellar support team, and will fully refund you if your order gets stuck in the mail.

Products by Weedsly

Kingpen Cartridge THC vape

Weedsly seems serious about delivering only the best, clean high. Weedsly switched brands multiple times before landing on Stiiizy and Kingpen THC cartridges.

We reached out to Weedsly and they told us that many brands leave chemical residue in their oils. This type of thing according to WHO can be a serious source of illness in the future.

All Weedsly cartridges include a QR code that links to the brand’s verification page online.

Weedsly Shipping

Weedsly’s packaging comes in a white, unassuming, bubble-lined cardboard envelope. There is no mention of anything resembling marijuana on the packaging.

We got a look at this packaging and it really is discreet. Weedsly also goes through great efforts to work with the local mail carriers to get your package to your house. Weedsly understands how important it is that people get the medicine they need.

Weedsly Legality

THC is 100% legal if you have a prescription. The medication is a schedule drug. While shipping may be illegal it is not enforced. People need this medicine, so as long as everyone is discreet, people look the other way.

You can get a modafinil prescription from your medical doctor, only if they deem it appropriate. In some states, that is impossible, but Weedsly still delivers to those states.

5 stars for Weedsly

Try them out for yourself: Weedsly